Your child will find therapy to be a fun and enjoyable experience as our therapists endeavour to provide therapy using play based activities. We utilise the latest research to support our treatment strategies and our clinic is equipment with the latest therapeutic tools To support your child’s therapy needs, our therapists have attended extensive professional development in each area of therapy ensuring that the most up to date therapy advice is provided to you and your child.

Therapies offered at South West Kids Clinic include:

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Screening assessments
  • Individual therapy
  • Group programs
  • School holiday workshops
  • School therapy/consultations
  • Home visits
  • Report writing

Home Visits

Home visits may be scheduled for a number of reasons to support your child’s therapy needs. Our flexible approach to therapy allows us to provide therapy in your home environment for times when it is challenging to get to the clinic. You may request home visits or your therapist may suggest that a home based consultation is required for a particular consultation or ongoing therapy. Please note that home visits are not available for after school hours as this is generally our most sought after appointment times in the clinic.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy uses the stimulation and arousing effects of the water to help children with special needs, sensory issues and motor coordination to reach their full potential. Our uniquely developed aquatic program is designed for children to attend individually, in small groups or parent-child sessions, assist children to improve motor skills and overcome sensory issues as well as developing social interactive skills. Please note that additional pool entry fee is payable to the swim centre.

Kindy Gym Program

We are pleased to advise that in the coming months, we will have commencing Kinder Gym. Our Kinder gym program is uniquely developed by a team of Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Physiotherapists which provides exceptional quality activities that all children are welcome to attend. We are able to modify tasks for children who may require additional assistance to ensure successful participation on each activity. This is delivered by a team of comprehensively trained instructors.