We are passionate about working together with schools so that each child can reach their highest potential. We are committed to communicating openly and frequently with class teachers and support staff. Our therapists welcome teachers to contact via email or phone to discuss a child’s progress and strategies that may be used in the classroom.

We are pleased that teachers have also commented on the improvements that many of our clients have made in the classroom since commencing therapy through our service. For some children it has meant that their overall reading or spelling levels improved dramatically where as other children attained neater and more efficient writing skills or the ability to attend for longer periods in class.

South West Kids Clinic has established links with various local schools. Over the years, we have conducted several teacher education programs such as ‘sensory based behaviour in the classroom’ and ‘How Speech Pathology can assist in literacy programming’. Teachers often commented on how interactive the education session became and were pleased that there were many strategies that were provided that can be implemented into each classroom with minimal disruption to the curriculum.

Benefits of School Based Therapy

  • ›Cost effective
  • Liaison with teachers
  • ›Strategies can be trialled directly in classroom
  • ›Supportive research
  • ›Time efficient
  • ›Family friendly approach

Parent Funded Therapy at Schools

We understand that it is often difficult to attend therapy within the clinic due to work or other commitments. You may request that your child’s therapist conduct ongoing therapy at his/her preschool/school. This can be implemented in a number of ways from class withdrawal for more personal one to one sessions or providing strategies to your child during regular class activities. Children with goals surrounding play/social participation highly benefit from school based therapy. Within this model, parents fund therapists to attend the school setting and conduct individual therapy to your child in a manner similar to that conducted in the clinic.

Often schools identify a number of students that require therapy in a small group. In this situation, parents fund therapy at a reduced rate when a number of children are seen simultaneously.

School Funded Initiatives

We have been involved in a number of school funded initiatives across several school within the local area, such as National Partnerships etc. Within this model, school request our services at a whole or part day rate. We are able to provide whole class or small group screening assessments or more comprehensive individual assessments. Therapy can be conducted individually, in small groups or as a whole class program.

School consultations

Occasionally your child’s class teacher or therapist may request a preschool/school visit to observe your child’s ability to participate in the class. This provides an opportunity to liaise with your child’s teacher and develop a therapeutic relationship as well as to discuss and trial strategies in the class with minimal interruption to the class. Rest assured that our therapists are discrete in the classroom and place minimal emphasis on your child when other children are present therefore reducing the negative stigma to your child from peers. A report outlining strategies and recommendations will be provided following the visit.

Preschool Screening & School Readiness Testing

At South West Kids Clinic we understand the importance of identifying children who may be experiencing difficulties at an early age. By implementing strategies early, preschool aged children are less likely to experience difficulties that impact on academic success when they enter into formal schooling. We offer a range of screening options for preschools and child care centres to identify children who are at risk of delays in development. We use a variety of screening tools to also identify if children are ready for school within the areas of communication, social/emotional maturity, self care, motor skills and attention/concentration. Please contact the clinic to discuss these options with us.

Staff Development

Our professional development programs are designed to provide a wealth of practical strategies based on evidence, that can be directly into classrooms.