Our therapists provide an in-depth assessment of your child at the initial consultation in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of your child’s needs. This allows the therapist to prepare the best course of therapy for your child. The assessment process varies for each child depending on their needs, however usually consists of an interview with the child (where possible) and family members as well as a combination of formal and informal assessments. We ensure that each child and family feels comfortable with the therapist and environment prior to starting any formal assessments. At the completion of the appointment, your therapist will provide you with preliminary findings as well as a best treatment path that will ensure that your child gains the highest outcomes of therapy in the shortest period of time.

Assessment Report                                                                                                                 

It is vital that your child’s results are communicated to other team members that have involvement with your child’s care. This may include his/her paediatrician, teachers, other therapists and family members. The reports provided to you include not only the assessment scores, but important information about how the particular challenges impact on his/her participation in daily tasks. It also outlines the steps that we will take together to achieve his/her full potential. This will provide information to allow them to better understand the difficulties experienced by your child and where suitable accommodate his/her needs.