Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy uses the stimulation and arousing effects of the water to help children with special needs, sensory issues and motor coordination to reach their full potential. Our uniquely developed aquatic program is designed for children to attend individually, in small groups or parent-child sessions, assist children to improve motor skills and overcome sensory issues as well as developing social interactive skills. Please note that additional pool entry fee is payable to the swim centre.

Benefits Of Aqua Therapy

Increased Novelty: Children are generally more aroused when in water which allows the therapist to engage with the child more easily. For children who are learning to develop basic interaction skills such as eye contact, the water provides the right amount of stimulation to enable these skills to develop. The therapist is able to demonstrate and teach parents how to use the novel environment of the pool to build meaningful interactions with your child. Children with autism and other conditions impacting their ability to form meaningful relationships benefit from this style of therapy.






Natural Resistance: The natural resistance of the water provides the optimal environment to build muscle strength without stressing the joints. Often children also benefit from ‘heavy work’ to assist him/her to reach and maintain appropriate levels of attention throughout the day. The resistance of the water allows the therapist to design and implement a series of ‘heavy work’ tasks which is beneficial for children with conditions impacting attention such as Sensory Processing Disorder or ADHD.






Body Awareness: Some children do not get enough feedback from their bodies to tell them where their arms, legs and trunk are positioned, which can lead to children having difficulty with activities that require coordination. When children are in the pool, their bodies are provided with gentle pressure from the water which increases the ability to feel or ‘sense’ where their bodies are. The therapist will often use fun toys within the pool to allow the child to explore their own body awareness and body position.

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